Author Topic: 3D Off the Page's new workstation HP Z840 with dual E5-2696 v4 = 421.5 fps  (Read 4409 times)

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Offline 3D Off the Page

Our new dual E5-2696v4 88 core machine running circles around our HP Z820 dual E5-2690v2 40 core machine!!

HP Z840 - 421.5 fps
HP Z820 - 222.9 fps

Offline 3D Off the Page

KS 6 - 421.5 fps
KS 7 beta - 447.7 fps

Offline Will Gibbons

That's pretty blazing fast!  8)

Online DMerz III

 :o wow!

Offline Gordon

Cost as configured?

Offline 3D Off the Page

$5,700'ish without graphics card.