Importing Modo (obj) to keyshot

Started by zooropa, August 15, 2017, 03:43:03 AM

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Hi. I have the student version of Keyshot 6. I would like to import a Modo file to KS.

- I have all my different parts 'leyered' in modo, but when I import it to KS comes all in one single piece.



Will Gibbons

What format are you exporting from MODO?

I would try assigning a different color to the geometry on each layer, then export a file format from MODO that retains color.

Esben Oxholm

Hi Bruno.
If you have your parts separated as different mesh items, then exporting as .fbx should work.

The parts will be separate in KeyShot, but the material will be the same and linked on all parts. To give your parts different materials you can unlink the materials inside KeyShot, or, as Will mention, assign different materials to the parts in Modo.



Thank you both!
I was exporting OBJ. I managed to solve it by pressing (import dialog box) separate by materials.
Now I have all the components in different layers. Thank you!