bodies from Solidworks

Started by eric, May 03, 2011, 11:04:26 PM

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We didn't "take any functionality away". We are still working on it as we found some inconsistencies between plugin and direct importer.

Once again, the direct importer works fine.


I find the suggestion to use the direct importer ok as a temporary solution.

But when it takes three months to fix something that worked perfectly before I think its fair to ask when this will be solved. In fact by saying "just use the direct importer" I read that the priority for solving this is not very high.

I consider the hit&render from Solidworks one of the base functionalities of Keyshot.
The only way to get this functionality back is downgrade to SW2010 and install the SW2010 plugin?

When using the direct importer to quickly render some concept variants is not so easy when you always have to save the file in a PDM environment.

Can you confirm that the fixed plugin will be fixed in keyshot V2 and not force me to buy V3 because of this?


The plugin is independent of KeyShot. You can always color the bodies in the SW file, and it will work just fine. I admit, it is inconvenient since it requires an extra step.


No, also the coloring of bodies doesn't work anymore.
Only parts or colored faces are recognized.
Examples sent to TS April/May 2011.

So is the plugin going to be repaired and working for KS2?


Seems that all the development is focused is on Keyshot 3 now.
Don't forget you still have customers on KS2 who also want to get their bugs solved...
Any news on the SW plugin? We're waiting for almost 5 months now.

SW 2012 is about to be released so then we have to wait a while again before the new importer is ready?

can you PROMISE me that this bug will be fixed in Keyshot 2? (Not only in KS3)


While beta testing I see KS3 has to come a long way before it is good enough to be a successor of KS2.

So I suppose it will still take a long time to develop this.

As long as KS 3 is not at least as quick as KS2 there is no reason for us to update since speed is the main reason for us to use Keyshot.
From what I've seen until now the animations is not interesting enough for us.

So Please solve the SW body problem in the KS2 importer  and let me know when we can expect this to be solved.


You are referring to the plugin, not the importer, correct?

And you also read under the known issues that we know that KeyShot 3 is slower, and it is being worked on.


Yes I'm still referring to the SW plugin, my mistake.

I know that the speed it is a known issue in KS3 and introducing a final version that is slower than KS2 is a no-go I'm sure you"ll see the importance of that.

But I'd rather had you working on a known issue in the current version that still is not working first than on new problems in a version that yet has to be introduced.

My fear is that the plugin problem will never be solved and you are going to tell me that I have to upgrade to KS3 to get the plugin working again.

By that time I suppose the KS2 plugin will not work with SW2012.