Author Topic: Will a Nix Pro (color measurement/spectrophotometer) be worth it & would work?  (Read 1666 times)

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Will a Nix Pro (color measurement tool/spectrophotometer) be worth it and would work?
Nix Pro Color Sensor (website):

I want to scan car paint colors, do you think that the results would work in Keyshot?

The Nix Pro provides color readouts in RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, ACES, and more, and calculates the color differences in Delta-E76 or Delta-E2000.
I know that you can input RGB, CMYK, HSV, CIE-L*ab and Kelvin in KeyShot.

Based on the attached image, CIE LAB / CIE-L*ab has the most colors that can be viewed by a person. But again, it would be limited to the RGB monitor/screens.

What's your opinion on this?
I should try the Nix Pro Color Sensor to see if it works in KeyShot?