Unable to Import .ZPR Files

Started by Deoxys_0, August 18, 2017, 08:45:04 AM

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I'm new to Keyshot 6.1 as it came with my copy of Solid Edge 9 (which I actually wasn't expecting). I have Solid Edge 9 for academic purposes at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. However, to test some stuff, I decided to try and import a .zpr file from my ZbrushCore program into Keyshot 6.1. However, it is stuck on the loading screen and not going anywhere. The bar refuses to move/increase.

Is this because my version of Keyshot 6.1 is for Solid Edge 9? If so, why would it even give me the option to select .zpr files? I've attached the actual .zpr file. It's a creature made in the game Spore (with mods) by a friend of mine who said I could use it for testing.


You can't import ZBrush files into KeyShot directly. You will need to purchase the Bridge from Pixologic in order to be able to do this.

The ZPR import is for files from Z Corporation. It is a 3D Print file format.


Alright, thank you. However, are there any ways I can import .obj files into Keyshot 6.1? Basically all of the formats except those for Solid Edge are for programs I don't have.


You will need to purchase a standalone version in order to be able to do this. For students it is $95/year and it gives you the full Pro version, including Animation and KeyShotXR. And it will still work with the Solid Edge plugin.

You can purchase here: https://buy.keyshot.com/collections/keyshot-education


Haha.... Rip that lol. Well thanks for letting me know what was happening. You may close the thread now.