rebuild final render from passes

Started by brizad13, August 21, 2017, 07:23:55 AM

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Sounds great Rex. Thanks for the 'behind the scenes' update!


Hi Dries,

let's state first I'm quite new to all this...which my explain my following question.

Why when I try to render all these passes the output at my "GI" pass layer is completely different from your output at "GI" pass layer?
Mine is quite dark yours is quite...white.
I didn't change any setting and Global Illumination is ticked on Lighting's options.
Thank you


Hi frenky.lucky.tower,

Your GI pass looks correct.
There have been a few changes to passes since my last post. The Lighting and Global Illumination pass are now multiplied by the diffuse color. Thus, the GI pass will be darker with darker materials.



Ok I see. Though the Lighting pass looks pretty much the same.
Thank you


On the contrary,
in the Shadow pass there is a shadow on the background which is not present on the rgb final rendering.
Which is the reason and is there a way to avoid it?


is it important in which order you add the layers?

between those?

On top multiply!
x AO
x Shadow