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Started by Eric Summers, September 07, 2017, 11:39:10 AM

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Eric Summers

I have been wondering why there are duplicate frames when you render out an XR. The first and last image in a turntable animation (or the first and last image at a particular vertical angle in a hemispherical XR) are identical. In order for me to get 15° horizontal increments, I have to render 25 horizontal frames. This shows the horizontal angle increments as 14.4 in the KeyShotXR wizard.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!



You only need 24 frames to get the 15º increments. The first frame is at 0º, and the last frame is at 345º. Does that make sense?

Eric Summers

Yes, that makes sense to me. Perhaps I can do a better job of explaining my issue now that I've been thinking about it for a while longer.

This is quite perplexing. I very often render hemispherical XRs and I want 24 images in the rotation at 4 vertical increments.
For whatever reason, the initial view of each vertical increment is duplicated at the end of that rotation, so image 0_0 & 0_24 are the exact same position of my object. The same is true of 1_0 & 1_24, 2_0 & 2_24, and 3_0 & 3_24. This is why I have to put in 25 horizontal increments; if I don't I essentially get 23 increments after the duplicate image is removed. If I were to put in 24 for the horizontal increments, I would not get straight on images for the front, right, back and left sides of my object. It almost seems to be treating 0_24 as if it was supposed to be the last increment of the rotation.

I hope my explanation makes sense!

Will Gibbons

I just found this on another thread here https://www.keyshot.com/forum/index.php?topic=19694.0 Esben offered this solution. Does this help resolve your issue?

I attached Esben's image below.

Eric Summers

Hi Will,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately that does not solve the issue with my XRs.

I finally had a few minutes this morning to mess around with this some more so I did a couple of tests. I generated a hemispherical XR with 2 horizontal frames and 4 vertical frames. My expectation is that these inputs would result in an XR that looks at the front and back at four vertical angles (I used a cube with different materials on every face and a chrome cylinder). The resulting XR however, shows only the back at the four vertical angles. Looking at the images folder shows two "horizontal increments" at the four angles but they are the same position. I have attached a screenshot of this folder.

The workaround for this seems to be increasing the number of horizontal frames by one. So in this example increasing it to 3 yields the front and back view of the cube with a duplicate of the back view (the front view is the initial view of the XR). See the second attached image.