Blender Hair to KeyShot

Started by Jikkk, September 18, 2017, 11:34:38 PM

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Hi, guys..
What file format should be exported from Blender to Keyshot when dealing with hair. I tried .obj, .fbx and Alembic but KeyShot failed display hair.

Will Gibbons

I tried this the other day and found that any of those should work... however, you need to actually convert the hair/fur to mesh in Blender before exporting. Blender Render or Cycles or Evee will show hair without doing that, but KeyShot only sees geometry and therefore, needs to be converted to geometry before exporting.

I think you can do it by converting to curves as an alternative method, but I'm not sure because I've never done that.


Hey, Will..
I watched your cloth simulation you'd exported from Blender to KeyShot. Can you detail the process of doing that? I tried baking cloth sim and exported it as .abc to KS, but I only got a falling plane (as if cloth sim wasn't applied). Thanks..