Label on clear bottle

Started by society, March 29, 2010, 01:49:23 PM

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Any way to get a label on a clear bottle? I can only seem to get a label on a opaque material.


Today you have to model the geometry of the label. In our next version you will be able to add as many labels as you want on any material.


This is probably too late for you, but you can try playing with the General Material to get a label on glass effect. It won't be perfect, but amazing enough for most people.

Here's my material settings for a polycarbonate type bottle: You'll need your decals set up as TIFFs with transparency.

General material:
diffuse colour R175, G175, B175
specular colour R121, G121, B121
Ambient colour Black
Alpha 1
Refelectivity 1.1
Indirect multiplier 0.5
Texture modulate ON (This is the important bit)
Shadow modulate OFF
Then browse "texture" to your TIFF file, and try to remember how to resize your mapped image using the general shader! (Like in the good old days!)

Hope this helps,