Keyshot with SpaceClaim - wheel mouse not available

Started by Arnaud, October 07, 2010, 02:24:58 AM

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When I launch Keyshot from Spaceclaim, Alt+wheel lmouse has no effect, even after closing Spaceclaim.  Only Options > Camera tab > distance works
Works fine if KS is launched stand alone.
Appears on 2 different computers.
SC 2010 + KS 2.1 + Win XP 32 on one , Win 7 - 64 on the other one.


Alt Wheel mouse changes the focal length, not the distance. Check and see whether you are using and Orthographic camera by any chance.


OK, after unchecking "Orthographic" box, Alt-Wheel works fine. Thx

Is this a plugin specification ?


I think that SpaceClaim is exporting the camera. Since it is an orthographic camera by default, it will arrive as an orthographic camera in KeyShot.


Well, that's half the truth. Spaceclaim has an option to export the camera as othographic or in perspective mode. The option is available under the render button: Hit the small arrow pointing down ...