[RESOLVED] Standard Views - Distance?

Started by cjwidd, September 18, 2017, 04:11:30 PM

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I love the hotkeys for standard views (e.g. front, back, left, right, etc.), but when selected, the camera distance is also affected. Why is this happening and how can I fix the distance of the camera while still being able to toggle through the standard views? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: this is happening because there is additional geometry in the scene that is defining the boundaries of the viewport. Thus, if visible, the camera tries to fit all geo, not just the target object. Not sure if there is a way to fix this without turning off the additional geo completely.

Will Gibbons

And of course, if you have a ground plane with ground plane (which is often the largest item in your scene), it will be fit to contain that plane.