Import/export camera from/to Keyshot 7

Started by joa, October 16, 2017, 03:24:30 AM

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How can I export a camera (or all cameras) from a Keyshot 7 (MacOS) file and import it into another Keyshot 7 file (MacOS)?
How can I export studios from a Keyshot 7 (MacOS) file and import it to another Keyshot 7 file (als MacOS)?

Sorry if that's obvious, it seems I just can't find anything about it in the documentation.

Thank you for your help!


hello Joa,
a bit late for a reply, but maybe still helpful...
if you save your keyshot project, you can always import the project into your current project!
in the import window you will be asked, if you want to import the cameras as well.
do so and than delete in the scene tree all obsolete parts.
the imported camera can be found in the camera window.

as for the studio:
I assume you refere to an environment?
the environments can be saved out to the default environments. you can even create your own folder /i.e. for a special project) and save your environment there. when you open a new project, you can drag and drop the environment from the environment folder.

if you do refere to the studio, which is a new feature of KS7, I assume it works the same way as with the cameras!
I have to say, I have not yet tried that myself!

hope that helps!
best regards