Importing .edz or .pvz files?

Started by theAVator, July 12, 2017, 08:26:30 AM

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Does anyone import .edz or .pvz files from Creo/CreoView into Keyshot?

I was given a .edz file (roughly 1.2GB in size) but seems to be doing a lot of sitting when I try opening it up in KS6. Does it do a lot of front end "pre-loading" before it actually does anything on screen that visibly looks like loading a file, or if it hasn't actually produced a result after 25 minutes, is it a sign that somethings wrong and won't load?


Regularly I'm working with PVZ files if I want to export creo files with family tables, simplified reps or Program-Stuff.
Never searched about the differenz from PVZ to EDZ.

PVZ is pre-tesselated by creo but works with NURBS option.