Transparent shadows with Glass material?

Started by harshcg, May 17, 2011, 10:00:33 AM

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Hi there. I'm trying to achieve realistic looking eyes with Cornea being transparent glassy material, just for specular and another mesh inside for iris.
The outer mesh with glass shader is giving me shadow onto inside mesh, which it shouldn't if the KS materials are physically correct.
Am I doing something wrong or is that a bug?



Thanks for the suggestions Thomas, but its still not giving me transparency. Solid glass material does have transp option, but even turned on 100% transparent, does nothing.
I have attached  package.ksp  file for the eyes. Please have a look and let me know if you can help with this.



Please make sure to check detailed indirect illumination in the realtime tab, and increase the ray bounces. As far the material for the eyeball underneath goes, please use plastic instead of General.


It works! :)
Thanks Thomas. Here are few tests i got with it...


Yikes!  Not only creepy, but squishy and liquid filled to boot.  Neat work, and thanks for sharing!
Bill G


lol the eyes are going now you have something else to get distracted from the creepy eyes?   ;)

thanks guys


Please put a tag NSFW!!! (not safe for work). Wont tell you how fast i closed your link!