Alien Surveillance Drones

Started by VictorRoussel, October 17, 2017, 06:33:16 AM

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Hi !

This is my first entry !
I wanted to do a Sci-Fi project so here are my kind of alien surveillance drones.

I modeled everything in rhino.
I used mainly metallic paint, metal and cloudy plastic for this one.
Some of the surface imperfections textures are from Poliigon.

Good luck everyone !


Really cool design!
I like that front panel, and the graphic design of the buttons (if they are indeed buttons), a lot.
The yellow plastic looks tasty.

The only thing that distracts me is the harsh horizon, where the ground transitions into the black background.
I think you might be able to push this image by using a ramp instead of a plane for the ground. Or by fading out the ground material, so that the horizon is less harsh.

Looks great though already. :)



Thanks for the review !

I'll be careful to avoid it in the next entry !