2017 KeyShot Render Competition-Concept Spine Sample Display

Started by moonyuet, October 10, 2017, 06:48:21 AM

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Hello everyone,
Here is my work in progress. I like concept art a lot and love working around with Zbrush to create weird models. This is a self-designed spine from the robot, which becomes a reason why I used metal as the main material. I've mixed gold with blue rough metal and copper with adding the black polished material to desaturate the material. For the container, I used solid glass and add the spot shader to its roughness. I used a clear textured plastic grey material for the stand.
For lighting, I used different kinds of 3 point lightings.
Here are some raw renders with incorrect resolution.
I'm still working on the shaders on the spines and the background plates. In the upcoming few weeks, I'd upload process and color correct version of the spine with a required resolution.

Will Gibbons