Keyshot Alien flower

Started by Didi, October 08, 2017, 02:13:32 PM

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Hi! I'm sending my renderings for the 2017 Keyshot competition. The idea behind it is to show some of the materials (anodized niobium metal, paint metallic candy) in a way that is flattering to them so I chose an "alien flower" model that I made. The shape is great for the materials because it's very curvy and shows how beautiful they are. And lastly only the background is retouched the actual model and it's colors are not so what you render is what you get!


Hi Didi. Welcome! This is a very cool design. Well done!


Thank you! I'm glad to be a part of this competition.

Will Gibbons



Hi Didi,

Even if it has been forever since this topic was active, I wanna give it a shot and see if you could help.
I am very curious about how you created those material, especially for the UKUK one?