Caddy Lowrider

Started by Speedster, October 06, 2017, 12:41:41 PM

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Well, here's the first of several entries. 

After seeing several slammed cars here on the forum, I just had to dive in on Curro Astorza's fabulous 1953 Cadillac, but as a "slammed low rider".  My design studio is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, about twenty minutes South of EspaƱola, birthplace of the famous low-rider car (and family) culture, so we see many great examples, especially at our car club shows on the Plaza.

Rendered in KeyShot 7.1.36, Interior Mode, using Maximum Samples of 256, in 48:32 on 30 cores. Post in Photoshop CS5.

As the import was an OBJ, I slammed the body down using the Move Tool, after gathering together hundreds of parts and surfaces!

I used a heavily tweaked "Infrared Gradient" for the ground plane, heavily frosted.   "Metallic Purple" paint, with a tinted and thick Clear Coat. Sure wish we could adjust the Metal Flake size as we could in KS6. Flame decals are my own, created in CS5, and positioned with the awesome new Move tools. Accurate Chrome, with very careful Anodizing tweaks.

HDR is mine, from scratch, but based on the 3 point Dark 4K in the box. I used three IES lights from the library, with the HDR as a fill.

KeyShot 7 is so much fun it should be illegal!

Bill G


Awesome colors. Drop it down LOW :)


Hey, Josh!
There's only 1/2" ground clearance! Afraid to go lower!
Bill G

Will Gibbons

That ride has some attitude.  8) Nice one, Bill.