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I have two wooden beams in KeyShot 6 and one is horizontal and one have an angle of  20degrees.
When I apply a wood texture (Pine) the texture is oriented to the 3d space on both beams.
I want the texture to be linked but have a separate orientation per beam (part).
If I have a beam and move it int he cad software, the texture should orient to.
Is that possible?
I know I can break the link and reorient the texture per part manually but it can be many beams in a scene...

Thank you for any help and suggestion!

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the only way that comes into my mind would be, to work with the uv coordinates.
that way I could imagine, that you can link the parts and still change their direction.

yet I have to say I am far from master, when it comes to uv coordinates...

hope that leads you at least in the right direction!


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Aha, thanks!

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The only way to achieve this in KeyShot 6 is indeed by creating unlinked duplicates of materials across the different parts.
KeyShot 7 provides a solution for this with a new 'Center On' option for Textures.
If you set 'Center On' to 'Part', then the texture will be applied independently for each part, taking into account the local position and orientation of each part.
This works best for models that have local origins for parts (e.g. SOLIDWORKS, Creo, NX...).

I have attached a KeyShot 7 sample scene and rendering.
There is one wood material that is applied to all four rods.

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that is good to know ...