Chess Piece_Queen

Started by fa2020, October 15, 2017, 12:56:45 PM

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Hi everybody,
I modeled this chess piece in SOLIDWORKS and rendered it using KeyShot 7.1.
I hope you like it.


Hey there ! Model looks good, shaders look good, textures look good. Only thing i think it could improve this is putting this in context. Right now is kinda floating on a completely empty space. Adding a textured ground plane can take this to the next level.

Will Gibbons

That's cool, what new materials did you use?


metallic paint, metal. These materials existed in previous versions too but I think it has better result in the new version.


Nice! Makes me think of a rustic clay pot texture. The metals in KeyShot 7 have the new metal presets and IOR option, and you can do more with the metallic paint as well, so you should get a 'better result' but definitely try the new options - I think you'll like what you can do :)