KeyShot Render Competition - Trimmer "Green Goblin" edition

Started by rembem, October 13, 2017, 05:05:41 AM

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My second entry for the render competition.

For these renders I used the NEW materials:

  • Anodized NioBium green polished and brushed
  • Pain Metallic Candy black
  • Cloudy Plastic grey and green with different settings
  • Titanium polished and rough

Because of the green material I got the idea to make the Green Goblin edition, so added some purple light and made the cloudy plastic purple.

All the light settings are done with a HDRI environment, no post edit and did 1024 render samples

Hope you like it!


Hossein Alfideh

Impressive! love that bluish tone on the sides of the trimmer.

Will Gibbons