Started by garabellomatias24, October 06, 2017, 05:09:53 PM

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Pendrive rendering using new plastic and metal materials from the keyshot 7. Modeling in SolidWorks. Working environment in Keyshot 7, using the hdri editor.
Subsequently I did a post editing of image to soften a little hard surfaces and edges. I also applied depth of field focusing on the metal surface.


Welcome Garebello! Nice work!

Will Gibbons

Nice stuff! Cool use of that cloudy plastic!


Thank you very much.
At the moment I am preparing my second post for the contest


Greetings to all.
In this opportunity I preface my second post on this pen drive, using the cloudy plastic in the casing of it, and the anodized metal in the rotating metal plate.
Unlike the previous image, this was subjected to touch-ups in Photoshop to enhance the image.

Hope you like. My best wishes to all.