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Hello Keyshooters,
This is my first automotive rendering, but I hope you like it.
I was trying recreate some renders by Rex Fu in the new Keyshot 7.

This was my latest project and also this is my first automotive rendering. I was trying to recreate scene of Centenairo by Rex Fu - this dude is king in automotive modeling. I am really not good at mixing or blending materials, so I am keep it always simple. The model is not UV Mapped, so carbon fiber texture not look so good in some areas. I am also gonna upload HDRI map, so you can download it. I was using keyshot from version 5, and I think 6 for me was really big release,  I really like  Keyshot 7, it looks more professional, got lot of cool features, but I got some problems with hdri editor. In some cases absolutely no response by hdri editor. If you got any questions, or ideas how I can improve my renders just leave comments, and if you want to know little bit more just ask me or you can send me message. If you need some help with your automotive renders, maybe I can help you :-)  I am just freelance artist, still greenhorn. Good luck guys!

I want made step by step tutorial about this project ( set up scene, lighting, rendering, post production ), What do you think?

3D Model of Lamborghini Centenairo Roadster - Rex Fu
Rendering, Post Production - Luboslav Sutka J.

I am also attaching some images from rendering, so you can see something from my workflow.

And some more images from Material Graph.

And one mistake, look at sample number ( that's happen when you are gonna sleep )

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Re: LAMBORGHINI CENTENAIRO ROADSTER - Realistic Rendering ( 13,756 Samples )
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love it

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Re: LAMBORGHINI CENTENAIRO ROADSTER - Realistic Rendering ( 13,756 Samples )
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love it

Thank you, lots of fun doing this renders :-)