Started by Marcel, October 21, 2017, 01:54:06 AM

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Hi all,

I wanted to do something with jellyfish in order to test the new cloudy plastics, and it turned out to be just as usefull for water. I really love how easy it is to get good results with the new material, and when using some different colors you can get some amazing effects.

The general shape of the jellyfish was made in Siemens NX, then detailed in Blender, the sea is made fully in Blender.

Both use the new cloudy plastic material. The sand at the bottom of the sea is added with some simple flat materials as labels and I added some glow to the edges using an ambient occlusion node and emissive material.

The floor plate uses anodized metal as this gives an amazing bright color. Some extra shadow is also created using an ambient occlusion node and the flat material.

Let me know what you think! :)


Creative use of Cloudy Plastics! The water has a nice stylized look.
I am digging the abstract composition too.

I do dread the day jellyfish will become airborne though. :o



Awesome idea for cloudy plastic!

Lol, airborne jellyfish Dries >_<

Hossein Alfideh

Looking good!
Really creative idea.good job!