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Performance Wheels F-Render 001 ( Realistic / Artistic )
« on: October 21, 2017, 02:36:42 pm »
Hello Keyshooters,
This is my first post on this forum, but not last, be gently guys :-)

I am also attaching straight file from keyshot, so you can see how it looks like before post production. If you got any questions, or ideas how I can improve my renders just leave comments down bellow, and if you want to know little bit more just ask me. I am gonna also upload another post for this competition, and I will try upload some images of my workflow. I am fully open to any kind of discussion. If you need some help with your automotive renders just ask me, maybe I can help you :-) Good luck guys, Jesus how I want that T-shirt.

In near future,I want made steb by step tutorial of visualization, how I made these wheels, what do you think?

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* Attaching High Resolution Files, don't hesitate to download it, and watch in full resolution *

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