Vintage Triumph Bonneville Powerplant in Metal - 2017 KeyShot Render Competition

Started by imikej, October 22, 2017, 05:06:02 PM

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A bit of a labor of love and familiarity as I have one of these beautiful motors. This 650cc classic is one of the all time great motors from the '60s that powered the popular Brit-bike, the Triumph Bonneville. 

This is an outstanding model from DBBP Shop. Exceptional. Of course, lots of splitting of surfaces to create realiZm. Lowbrow Customs sent us the motor stand and our own Marvin Plummer worked it up in Solidworks. Federico Medina, in our studio, was a great adviser on the materials. There are 68 custom materials in this model using most of the great new materials in KS7. 

We stressed the KS engine with all the blends and generated some heat on the render farm.

Hope you enjoy!



Magnus Skogsfjord

Lovely metals on this. Especially like the slightly rusty details, as well as the spotty metals.



Thanks! You could go up hill (and down hill) faster with this baby strapped to your m-bike!



That's a fantastic model.
Do you think the exhaust pipes might look better with a heat-discoloured stainless steel - or are they really black?


Regarding the pipes.  Given that they couldn't be this short in real life, I went with black so they wouldn't distract.  This is a typical coating that is applied in race applications (inside and out).  If they were longer, I would have gone with chrome with a slight heat discoloring.  This is just what I was thinking. Could go either way really.