3D rendering software?

Started by chetanboy18, May 11, 2011, 05:28:57 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I was just playing with the 3D rendering software information on net and was quite impressed with the field and would like more information about the following doubts:

Which is the most commonly used integrated 3D rendering software by the professionals like Architects, Engineers and Designers?

And the most widely accepted and praised standalone 3D software?

Any information in this regard will be very helpful, and would be much appreciated.


I found that the most commonly used is not the best for me. The same could happen to you. It's a question what your focus is on, and budget as well, so there cannot be a general answer to your question, I'm afraid.



Hi martin,
Can you tell me which program you use for rendering?


Em, well: I use Keyshot.



chetanboy18 - fyi this is the KeyShot forum. I am not sure what kind of information you'd expect to find here?


haha yeah, we all love Keyshot here. Personally I run Solidworks for CAD and KS for rendering, and I'm biased because I've never used anything else (except hypershot back in the day.) If you'd like more general info on all kinds of software you might check out the discussion groups at core77.com


Chad Holton

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Keyshot on this one as well..  :D


What do you mean by "professionals"? Are KeyShot users not considered "professionals"? ;-)


Thomas, I think he's refering to "professionals" who like to spend all day horsing around with technical settings and hundreds of toolboxes to justify their paycheck.  For me, as a 38 years now self-employed professional I just pop open KeyShot and get my job done.  That's what my clients hire me for!
Bill G