WaterWell Mini - User Submission

Started by DprinceArt, October 22, 2017, 04:37:08 AM

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About the project:
Based on a resin model design by Tabletop World.
I did blockout and sculpt in ZBrush. Material, light, & render in Keyshot.

Stock key7, all in-house materials.
First image contains Copper Polished, Iron Polished, Mold Tech Spray-Dot , Mold Tech Bump(these plastics good for stone base)
Second image contains Plastic Stereolithography.
HDRI's are Aversis office hallway_daylight3k and Dosch apartment_2k.
Created a process using multiple layers of labels(+opacity) to mask and blend materials, color, etc.
Low post-process, mainly background & time-constraint fixes.

Had a fun time learning Keyshot, & Thank you for viewing my submission(s).


The colors and mood from the first image are really great, nice work +1


Appreciate you taking the time to comment cjwidd, thanks


Great materials and images! Thank you for submitting!


Thank you Rex! Was a pleasure, challenges good opportunity to try and improve