Winners of the 2017 KeyShot Render Competition

Started by Josh3D, October 30, 2017, 10:40:45 AM

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With a contest focused solely on the new materials in KeyShot 7, we were not sure what to expect. Once again, you amazed. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest!

The entries to the 2017 KeyShot Render Contest captured the most diverse range of subject matter in some of the most creative and detailed visuals we've seen. Since we asked you to feature KeyShot 7 materials, many of you went all out to capture the model detail and material characteristics. All of this together made it extra difficult to choose only a select few! We had over 100 entries for the contest, including automotive shots, product visuals, still lifes, environments, interiors, and abstract art, along with some incredible animations.

After careful consideration and much deliberation, we present to you the Grand Prize, First Place and Honorable Mention winners of the 2017 KeyShot Rendering Contest!

Grand Prize
Alexander Kaula

Grand Prize
Hamed Hematyar
Drink Some Coffee

Grand Prize
Pouya Hosseinzadeh
Cassette Tape

First Place
Esben Oxholm
Stag Beetle

First Place
Jon Welch
Nail Polish

First Place
João Carlos Souza
Kitchen Interior

Honorable Mentions
Magnus Skogsfjord
Scout Crab

Leo De Brito
Correction Roller

Paul Or
Matisse Watercolor (View Animation)

Mike James
Triumph Powerplant

Benny Lee
Coke Zero

Remko De Wit

Bernardo Lickfold
McLaren Detail

Andrew Bobucky
Pocket Watch

Juhair Basheer
Headphone Animation (View Animation)

David Merz

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year's render contest! (Winners will be contacted shortly about claiming their prizes.) To see images of all the top entries, you can visit the 2017 KeyShot Render Contest board on Pinterest. All entries may also be seen on the KeyShot Render Contest forum board and a list of all other finalists with links can be seen below.

Other Finalists
SHIFT - Holographic Tag
VW Bug - Gabriel Tonucci
Reventon Wheel - Shaun Wellens
Hot Rod - Bill Gould
Skull Anchor Sketch - Andrea Crazer
Gummy Bears - Benny Lee
Water Well - D Prince
Abstract - Pouya Hosseinzadeh
Copic Sketchpad - Matt Hanzly
Pollock Furniture - Hossein Alfideh
Inhaler - Nico Martinez
Trimmer - Remko De Wit
Manometer - Nico Martinez
Toon Village - Pouya Hosseinzadeh
Nebulizer - Garabello Matias
Locomotive - Bill Gould
Robo Wasp - Clayton Skousen
Sennheiser Headphones - Jon Welch
Aqua - Marcel P
Retro Rod - Sandy McPherson
Instagram Logo - Nico Martinez
BMW M4 - Nils Piirma
Alfa Romeo Detail - Hossein Alfideh
Alien Drones - Victor Roussel
Robot Hand - Jon Welch
Pencil Drawing - Semozhangdama
Caddy Lowrider - Bill Gould
Plastic toys - Naghi Hamidi




Holy moly, beautiful renders... Congratulations to all of those selected!


Feel honored and lucky to be included among such amazingly creative (and some nightmare-provoking) images!


Oh wow! Didn't expect that!
Thanks a lot! So many great renders! Really appreciate it and feel honored to be amongst the winners!


 :) Honored to be included, some really amazing work came out of this contest! I think this community has some incredible talent that really became apparent. Excited for the next one!  ;D


well, i'm in other finalist! Not bad! Thank you guys :)
All works i see it's f****g incredible! Well done to everybody!


Hello guys,
It is incredible that one of my renders is among the winners.
I feel honored and happy.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the contest.


Holy smokes, I am honored to be be chosen as one of the winners! After seeing the submissions rolling in the past week or so, I honestly thought I didn't stand a chance. Everyone did such a great job, there are so many renders that looked really amazing. Congratz to everyone in this competition, you all did fantastic work in my book.

Esben Oxholm

Congrats to everyone!
Love how these competitions push people to another level  8)


Congratulations to the winners, and for us, simple mortals ! Really great entries. I imagine that selecting amongst all of these was such a hard time ! Thanks for the opportunity, and let's make more of these please !! The results were awesome.


Paül | Design Studio

This has lifted me up in so many ways, but even more so though I feel happy and humble to know that my style of 3D art has been well received. Thank you to this community for making this a great competition experience.

Also, Esben Oxholm alone should receive all 10! for his submission and for sharing his dexterity in 3D rendering and animation.. congrats for winning man, and to all the other winners. 

Pouya Hosseinzadeh

It's so delightful that i was able to win...honored to be amongst the winners...!
Thanks for organizing this big challenge and congratulations to those who were selected...!