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Started by Protoplastic, November 29, 2017, 07:52:50 AM

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Hello everyone. I cannot Reply to post, that I found on forum, so I start new topic. Is there any way to import Skatter object (proxies) to Keyshot? Eventually what programs are You using to create grass in architectural renderings? Thanks  :)


I'm not a sketchup user (although I will be looking into it for some things) But in the past I've used Cinema 4D Hair objects for creating grass, and works quite well. The poly count can get quite ridiculous, but from what I hear KS7 import hair objects natively although I have yet to test it.

Have you tried the sketchup plugin?


Keyshot import it fast (few minutes) but sketchup exports *.bip file about 5-6 hours (too much polygons). It will be great if Keyshot can render it like Vray (as a proxies).