How to see polygon count?

Started by eobet, December 13, 2017, 01:00:53 PM

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Since Keyshot 7 can export FBX files, we might be able to use Keyshot to export CAD models into VR.

However, two things right now makes this process problematic:

1. I don't know how to see the polygon count in Keyshot. Exporting far too high poly objects to VR requires a bit of back and forth between the applications, so if I could see the polygon count directly in Keyshot, it would simplify things.

2. Different topic, but I'll stick this in here too: I don't think there's a way to flip normals of an object in Keyshot. This actually isn't such a big deal as the previous point, because you can solve that with shaders in VR, but still, it would be a nice to have feature.

Esben Oxholm

Hi eobet.

1. If you hit 'h' on the keyboard or go to view > heads-up display, a display will show in the upper left corner of the real time view with info about, at least, the triangle count. Not sure if that helps?

2. If you right click your part > edit geometry > edit normals, you can calculate the vertex normals. Might help. Not something I've been using too much and not at all for flipping poly's. Just a shot in the dark :)


Thank you for the answers, the heads up display was great!

The edit normals editor was interesting, but sadly, it wasn't usable because it doesn't respect custom normals.

I'm going to open a support ticket for that issue, since the custom normals are generated by Keyshot's own importer (which they didn't write themselves, but still).