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Re: Eleiko - What's in your bar?
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Esben amazing, great. Love the that AE ? I can not believe I have the Adobe membership and never even try to use it...
Are you planning any tutorial combining KS  + AE ? ? ? ? ??

Thanks! The smoke/dust is two pieces of stock footage from - that has been masked and layered on top of the animation using AE.

Yup, actually that is the exact topic for the next course I want to do. Haven't planned much yet, though.
If you have any specific wishes for that course, please let me know :)

I do have. I really liked one of your post in instagram when you insert geometry in a real life video. That was great. I like to do that, but I do it with stills. I think also how to enhance KS with AE will be nice. I would like to suggest more, but I actually do not know at all what is the function of AE. I know that you can import the animations. I am not sure what else you can do besides adding filters...
I guess much more.