Author Topic: 7.2 NR "Update" = Downgrade  (Read 5004 times)

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7.2 NR "Update" = Downgrade
« on: January 29, 2018, 02:27:07 am »
Hi, we 'had' a well running 7.0 NR installation.

After finding out that 7.2 is available on Sunday evening I thought I give it a try. Not knowing that I basically downgrade to version 6 ...
Can you make this massive changes very clear next time when you offer a "update"?! As a user I expect an update to be more stable, more advanced etc. - not a downgrade. At least when the status works well. We really used the pool feature a lot.

I fully understand why you downgrade (stability), but I like to decide myself if I need to do this step. Some more info would be good!
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