Experiences with using VR HMDs in Keyshot 7?

Started by Bacon, March 07, 2018, 01:44:14 PM

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Hello everyone. My Boss and I are getting closer and closer to convincing my department that investing in a desktop VR solution could really help us out both on the concept design and cost side of product creation. Right now if we want to see a model in some sort of 3D environment, we have to wait a day to 3D print it overnight then postprocess the part (cleaning and painting). I want to try to introduce a way to where someone working on a CAD model can export a current version of the file to a rendering software and view it in VR. That way we have some sort of way to better evaluate a model before our printing deadline each night.

We currently use Keyshot 7 Pro for our rendering needs and through some research I've found that it supports setting up a VR environment for OpenVR and OculusVR supported HMDs. Can you guys and gals inform me on your experiences utilizing this aspect of Keyshot? Can you do realtime rendering while in VR (sounds like a huge performance hog)? Or is there support for a pre-rendered solution (like a 360 photo environment)? If we do take the plunge into VR, we will probably get a Windows MR branded HMD (which from what I have heard has OpenVR support).

Will Gibbons

Both experiences that you described (real-time and pre-rendered) are supported. Takes a fairly powerful machine to do the real-time rendering of course in addition to the GPU/s needed to drive the HMD. Just depends on what your expectations and budget look like I suppose.