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Started by _karl, January 21, 2012, 08:54:14 AM

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Hi there,

In an attempt to improve my rendering workflow, which I actually havent practiced that much, I am trying to find out which kind of file format is the most suitable.

Lets say I do typical product renderings and I find it most easy to work with Alias when it comes to organizing and moving parts so I want to avoid this kind of work in Keyshot.

What kind of file format is most suitable to export to? .wire? .iges? .obj?
How do I arrange my Alias file?
What is the differences in tessellating in Alias vs Keyshot?

Glad for all feedback I can get!


.wire files should work very well. .iges files from Alias are not the best to work with, but you should be ok. .obj files can be ok if you find that that something went wrong with the tessellation and you want to keep the geometry under control by Alias.


.wire works best. You need to make sure that ALIAS is installed on your computer though on which KeyShot is running. You can organize your file either by layer, or by shader.


being an alias+keyshot user myself I have noticed that importing .wire and grouping surfaces by layers is the most effective workflow. The tessellation quality is inverted compared to alias (high number in import -> high detail). Be careful though not to pull the slider too high as too many polys mean a much higher rendering time. I usually use around 0,45 - 0,60. For detail shots this could of course be higher.


BTW higher polygon count does NOT mean higher render times.