Author Topic: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Material - Semi-Cloudy Plastic Material  (Read 3162 times)

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Good Morning all -
I am trying to get a material that simulates the attributes of HDPE - a semi-opaque cloudy/milky plastic that you can see through. I have looked in the cloud and have played with some of the materials settings but the results I am getting looks more like a polycarbonate type plastic (hard and "too clear")
I was wondering if anyone had a material or settings they could share to get what I am looking for.

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Re: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Material - Semi-Cloudy Plastic Material
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This is exactly what the Cloudy Plastic in KeyShot 7 was made for. I think it'll be your best bet. I made something exploring similar materials PET and PP. Here's a rendering and a download of the KSP.

You can tweak the settings of the cloudy material on the right and it should be able to work for what you need. Your lighting will have a big impact on this material's appearance as will your material's thickness.