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Started by gumby, July 07, 2011, 06:24:31 PM

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I am exporting FBX files out of 3ds max. I am using the 2012 version of the FBX translator.

  I have moved all pivot points to the origin, tried grouping, etc, but everything keeps coming in all out of whack.

  Any idea what is going on?

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  Thanks for any info.



I have also been trying OBJ, but when I do that the objects look faceted. Almost looks like there are two objects in the same space.

  OBJ comes in in place, but then I have a different error.

  Does anyone know a solution for this faceting?


Man, this is always the perfect storm of aggravation getting data moved from one place to another...

  Thanks again.



As far as FBX goes, are these individual imports or one single file?

jbeau - come to rescue, please ...



It has been weeks with no input whatsoever...

  Where is the support?



I have also experienced the same thing. I tried to export FBX file into lower version (FBX 2009 and 2010) but the result are the same. Enlightment please.



Same thing was happening to me today when I was importing an obj. I just gave up and imported an older version of the obj that worked without the facets. :-\


Often times I will export models via obj from Maya.  I've found that with the obj exporter from Maya there is an option you're able to check before export labeled "smoothing."  I'm pretty sure this exports the normal angle with the explicit geometry data which (from my experience) seems to get rid of the faceting.  Give that a try.  I've tried FBX in the past but obj seems to give me the best results.  Good luck!


yes there is a same checkbox from max 2012 .
but in my case the pivot are changin there positions - why is that?
can anyone fix that?

big thx