"Paint" missing in 7.2.35 library

Started by Speedster, March 08, 2018, 03:21:37 PM

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Hi all;

I finally reached the rendering phase of a major project, and to my surprise discovered that the "Paint" folder was missing from Materials.  My previous two projects were all plastics and metals, so I never noticed if Paint was there, or perhaps it "went somewhere"?

It's not in the Materials folder in the directory either, so it's not a pointing issue.

What happened???

Bill G


I hope I'm wrong, but you might just have to run the installer again to fill in the missing material folder.

I have a backup of all my KS docs folders run every night, so if someone accidentally remove a folder on the main shared folder I can go and grab the last backup. Right now we only have 2 artists dipping their fingers into the pot, so if something goes awry we both know who it was, and its usually me :) BUt we will be getting an intern in a couple weeks, so I need to make sure that everything is recoverable, just in case.

On a similar note, I wish the Axalta paints just came as one big library, right now there are about 15 downloads to get the whole library, and its a bit tedious to get them all in  and named and sorted properly. I might get them all in and export the set as a folder and offer that to download, I'd have to check to see if that's allowed, but they are such fantastic materials everyone should have them!



Matt, is there no alternative to fill the missing folders except to reinstallation of the software? I mean it is so much of mess to back up everyday.

Update: I appreciate you breaking your policy for helping me. I'll always keep a backup of my works now onwards for I know it will be massively painful to redo on whole week of work. Thanks a lot for the response :)

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This was resolved, and I broke my own rule of always posting the solutions so others can search and find it. I ended up emailing Bill a zip file of the paint material folder that I had on my drive. Fortunately the keyshot coders left all the assets exposed (there's a joke in there somewhere) to the outside world in accessible folders, so I was able to just drill down, find the Paint folder, zip it and email it off.

Now for the back up every day issue, this is something that I've done from the early days of my career back in 2000. I got burned once by loosing about a weeks worth of work to a bad drive one time, and lost a weekend of my life to rebuilding it for the show on monday. I swore to never let that happen again, so its always been a priority to set up some sort of backup solution for every place I've worked. Sometimes its manually dumping project files to a usb stick before I walk away for the night, I've had laptops and drives stolen from locked workrooms at hotels so anything saved is good. The other part is company policy. I know that our shared marketing drive is backed up every night, so anything that I copy to there is backed up for me. I keep everything local, as working straight off the network drive gets slow with big scenes and lots of textures. But then I use a utility to backup my project files to the network every night.


Sorry, I was also remiss in posting the solution.  Thanks to Matt, I was able to get back at it.

But I also discovered the missing folder in my recycle bin.  I think what happened is I was going to delete a specific paint and accidentally deleted the whole folder!  I think folders should be locked out and require your mother's permission to delete them!

I agree about the importance of backups!  I backup my SolidWorks work every five minutes.  At the end of the day I make sure that all is backed up again, including KeyShot if I've had a long session.  At the end of each project I create a SolidWorks "Pack-and-Go", as well as a KeyShot Package, and place both along with reference images into an off computer hard drive.

Bill G