XR: re-use of previously rendered frames

Started by Funkdigit, March 21, 2018, 02:56:31 AM

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Is it possible to link previously rendered frames to new a XR script / html?
So, modify which frames are called by the script?



You can replace the frames in the reference folder with new frames, as long as the file names and the sizes are the same. I've done that before. I also had to do some photoshop work on a series of frames (painting out a logo, rather than re-render) and as long as all the filenames and sizes stayed the same I was able to replace the old frames with new frames.


Thankyou for confirming - that will mean a lot less re-rendering on an upcoming project.



PLease test this before planning, it worked in my case, but make sure it will work for yours as well :) I know very little about javascript and the brains and guts that make those XR's work, my discovery what a happy accident that happened to work for my little "oh crap" moment :)

Eric Summers

I've done this before as well. I had my license drop for a few frames (don't know how that happened) and those numbered frames were just straight up missing from the folder. I rendered out those angles, re-named them to the missing numbers and it worked no problem.

Definitely helpful for those "oh crap" moments  ;)