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Fruitshake Icecream
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:29:38 am »
Hi. I am working with several projects regarding ice cream. The project that concerns me know is about creating a fruitshake lollipop. Please find the image of different references here:

Of course not all the images look exactly the same ice cream, but just to give an insight of what I would like to achieve. Maybe the one on the upper right is too "neat" and I would like to present something a little bit imperfect.

The scene is also uploaded in this topic. The shape of ice cream I am using its to perfect too and thats not helping.
But before sculpting and deforming I would like to achieve the material a little bit closer to the reference images.

I am planning also to add the seeds in the model to give more realism to the proposal.

What I would like to know as a starting point is which material type to use.
I tried advance and translucent advance, they use different parameters and give me slightly different result with the basic color. The thing is I want to know which one will be proper to start to build the material. Last time I created one material and got so far that when I wanted to switch to translucent.....It was too different from the one I did in advance.

So maybe its smarter to understand which should be the material type at the beginning, before making my material graph crazy. Is " advance " covering all the other materials parameters ? Can I achieve exactly what translucent advance give me with advance material  ?

Then I get kind of two situations happening. I have a inner quality and an outer one in my ice cream. I do not have one in my hand but by the pictures it seems there is a interior roughness coming from the mixed fruit and then a little bit sharper skin material coming from the mold of the ice cream. That is the reason why I thought maybe advance its little bit more accurate for this situation since I can manage the roughness transmission.
At the same time the skin of the ice cream has different roughness too, where the ice is cold and where it is a little bit more melted.

On top of that I have Icy edges on the geometry...which I believe I will do it with  a curvature node driving the opacity of my ICE material. ( I used this technique to get my baked cookie for another sandwich and worked).

Then I have also the Subsurface scattering changing randomly depending on how close is the mixed fruit to the skin of the material.

I hope not over explain...but its looks like a type of material with a lot of complexity. It might also that I am thinking it too complicated too.
I was thinking that would be nice to have a tutorial focused on non products. I am industrial designer and I am quite pleased with KS which seems the most suitable render software for product design. I am working at this moment in a place which is not product related so they are constantly asking me for "food" . They do not expect too much honestly, but I do. I want to get a permanent position here :) so I use in between time projects to refine renders and show them that something better of what they have is possible .

Thanks so much forum.

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Re: Fruitshake Icecream
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 04:03:14 pm »
Try the velvet material too. It may give you that frosty edge look.

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Re: Fruitshake Icecream
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2018, 08:32:01 am »
I'll second Chad's suggestion. Velvet should get you pretty close. And yes, I'd test it on simple geometry before over-complicating things first.