Decal works with nurbs and can it use a normal or a bump map?

Started by Zander85, October 09, 2011, 08:40:18 AM

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This is probably a stupid question as I have not yet played with the "Decal" abilities in Keyshot. But here's the question anway. Can I use decals on nurb models (I am assuming the answer is yes) and Can I use a normal map with the decal to simulate engraving?


Yes & yes.

Once you import your model into KeyShot it is no longer Nurbs, so it doesn't matter the model started out as Nurbs.

You can use just a Normal Map to make an engraving.  I came across a free Normal Map Generator called SmartNormal.  I applied my Normal Map to 18k Gold material with no texture map used.  The signature file used to create the Normal Map was just a black & white bitmap.

Ed Ferguson


In order to get the engraving you will need to apply the normal map or any other image as a bump map, not as a label.