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Controlling Color HDR Light Sudio

Started by Zander85, September 30, 2011, 08:41:53 AM

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Hey the HDR Light Studio forum is still down, so I figured I'd post here because I know plenty of you Keyshooters are using the HDR Studio plug-in for Key Shot. I am having trouble getting the background color the correct color. The first image is the render that I am getting. The second image is the same render which has been adjusted in photoshop to get the color that I want. I intend to render a turntable so I need the color corrected in the render. The last image is a screen shot of my project in HDR Light Studio+KS.

If anyone knows of a good way to match the color I want that would be great. I keep messing with the light in HDR LS but it doesn't seem to help much. I have even opened up the file (the one with the color that I am trying to match) in photoshop and copied the color information of the bg and pasted the RGB numerical values into the RGB values of the light in HDR LS and it still can't match the color that I am after. Any ideas?


Perhaps make a backplate with the gradient you want, then when you load that into KeyShot make sure to disable "adjust brightness" so that you get the true color from the image.


Pick the color you want and put it top and bottom on the gradient. Use the brightness of the gradient to match the brightness of the color when seen i nthebackground in KeyShot.

Sorry our forum is down, we got it hacked into and had to take it down for a while, you can always email: with any questions.

The issue is that when selecting color in a HDRI you need to think about the brightness and color, because the HDR is 32bit. It's not as easy as picking an 8 bit color.

I have had an idea of how you could tackle this:
Maybe make a background image with the exact color you want and load it as a backplate to KeyShot. Hide all lights apart from the background in HDRLS. Then adjust the color until the ring looks part of the background, then they match. Then hide the back plate and you should have the right color HDRI seen in the background. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help guys. I will work on it and re-post. I am trying to stay away from the back plates for the final image, because I would like to eventually import in a curved ground plane and apply a nice material like a dielectric or a glass.


Mark and Jeff, I thank you for your help. Mark your idea worked out great. Took only a few minutes to match the color I wanted (I didn't get the exact color I wanted, but it is close enough). I had to color correct twice though because KS crashed while trying to save the bip for some reason. Any way as I promised here are a couple of screens showing the process.