Materials and Structure use templates in Creo plugin

Started by Danny_Boyzz, November 30, 2018, 06:13:17 AM

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I am using Creo 4.0 with the Keyshot 8 plugin.
I setup a material template to map Creo materials to Keyshot materials. It all works, but I would like to have the template activated when I send my model to Keyshot.
That functionality is available in Materials and Structure when importing into Keyshot, outside of Creo.
So can I make my material template the default?
Your help is most welcome
Dan Pasholk


This is a great idea. It is not support yet, but we will look into it.


Hello Dan.

This is available via scripting. You'll find this in the blog section.
IMHO you can export the Creo files via the plugin as bip.
Then let the script run preselcting the bip file or work in a loop to any bip file of a specific folder.
The script can apply one or more material template to the scene and probably send it to the queue.

All scripts and parts of the script are ready to use.
Just look into the blog post with the toy train.

Hope that helps


(written on a mobile in short form)