Inventor Import Problems

Started by brandontw, July 19, 2011, 02:40:21 PM

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Hi Everybody...

Just joined the forum. Im trying out the trial version of keyshot to use for rendering my inventor product files. Ive tested a few, and it seems that it always comes up with a failed message, either something about fileversion, or just failed to open...

Am i doing something wrong?

Step files seem to work ok... it ripped part of my model off an enlarged it, but otherwise it worked... do i have to export to step everytime instead of loading inventor .ipt and .iam files?

I noticed some post from last year saying that you were working on inventor support. Is that still underway?


We support Inventor 2011 and 2010. Are you using Inventor 2012 by any chance?


Indeed. I am using 2012. Any workaround to get it working? Ive been trying to export to .stp then import, but all my assemblies get torn apart, and the scale relationships get crazy. I still have not been able to successfully import my assembly for rendering.


Use the catia export from Inventor, and then import it into KeyShot. Works great.


I figured that out! Ive got some great shots coming through now... thanks!

It would still be nice to just load up my .IAMs without conversion, but this works. :)