Stereo panoramic camera flaw?

Started by roygilsing, May 06, 2018, 06:45:32 AM

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Hi all,

I just got the new Oculus Go and now I'm doing some experimenting with stereo panoramic renderings of an interior. I love this feature for amazingly emersive 360 shots in 3D. (another term for this type of imaging is ODS: omnidirectional stereoscopic rendering).
I just have discovered one issue or perhaps a flaw: in the over-and-under image, the top images is showing the right eye image (and the lower image the left eye). But I discovered that most image viewers, including the built-in viewer in Oculus, requires the images the other way around! So left up and right down.
It's an easy fix in Photoshop, but is this supposed to be? Or is it a program flaw?

Regards, Roy