Author Topic: MEMORIAL DAY 2018: THANK OUR TROOPS!  (Read 799 times)

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Offline Doug Didia

« on: May 25, 2018, 06:03:07 am »
As an artist, I have been in both the Automotive and Defense visualization industry for the last 35 years or so.

About 15 years ago I had the honor of being part of a small team of designers and engineers that had a hand in shaping the debut of the 2005 ULTRA ARMORED PATROL CONCEPT VEHICLE. Scott Badenoch was the mastermind and it was my job to help bring his vision to life.
It was a different time back then, our soldiers were severely compromised in the gulf war with the outdated Humvee.The death toll was becoming unbearable. Survivability from IED attacks and Soldier-Centric design became the new buzz terms. A creative solution was needed fast and "product development" was accelerated by the ONR (Office of Naval Research) through Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Back then I did not know KeyShot and the 3D world. 2D concept development images were my only creative contribution to the project.
Recently, by accident, I stumbled across a free 3D model of that same vehicle on Turbosquid. A little rough but worthy. Now it's like a walk down memory lane for me in a new 3D world. It would have been awesome to have that visual firepower back then. Renderings can provide true design insight. Today the seemless blending of the digital and reality sells ideas and concepts, it would have given us such value in that process.

I want to thank KeyShot for allowing me to have some fun exploring that same vehicle with a new perspective all these years later.
A truly special Memorial Day for me and God Bless all our Troops!

Thanks for letting me share,
Doug Didia

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AWESOME. Happy Memorial Day Doug!