alembic issue (C4D to Keyshot)

Started by fredrik77, May 23, 2018, 03:07:40 PM

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Hi all, i'm working on a simple animation for a product reveal in C4D, then moving to keyshot for rendering.
i've prepared a simple cloth animation in Cinema (cloth/cloth collider/belt) to get the linen moving away and revealing the products.
But when exported as alembic and imported in keyshot the result is not smooth, with visible triangles.
The animation is working fine and i'm satisfied of it, but it's the model itself in poor quality.

C4D settings (R19): plane with 40x40 segments, i'm using hypernurbs to get a smooth result.
Exported as alembic, standard settings + check on normals options

Keyshot 7: import as alembic, standard options + check on normal and nurbs.
A little better improvement only when using rounded edges, but still not acceptable so far.

How can i get rid of this issue? Thanks in advance!


Have you tried using the geometry editor in KS to recalculate the normals?  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

Does the cloth have a normals tag on it in Cinema? if it does, delete it before exporting.

Does this happen if you just export a single frame, obj or other format?


Hi! thanks for your help!

1. no normals tag in C4d

2. already tried, but no luck

3. all ok when importing obj or c4d file, also fbx is smooth. I tried with melange but no luck, as is no made for deformations.