Blurry Textures/Bumpmaps in 1.9.54

Started by Namssorg, April 23, 2010, 02:37:47 PM

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I had an issue today when using custom textures that I had created.  Basically I wanted to apply some graphics (like a pattern/decoration) to a model of a laptop.

The preview looked great- the texture map looked nice and crisp, but when I rendered it, just the texture looked blurry (not the model) like it was being motion-blurred or something.  

I thought I had solved the problem by opening one of the provided bump maps in photoshop, and pasting our new map right on top of it, then saving with a new name.

This method worked for a 1024x1024 bump map, but when I tried to apply a larger graphic to a model as a regular texture map, it still came out blurry, regardless of what resolution my texture was saved at.  I even opened one of the default maps for brushed aluminum, pasted my new graphic right on top of it, and saved it as a new jpg. Same blurryness.

Any thoughts as to what's happening here?


Is no one else experiencing the blurry-textures issue still?



Sure.  In this example I am using a metallic paint material, and using a high-res graphic in the 'Base' Map slot on the material.

For some reason, it's showing up fine in the realtime view, but as you can see the texture in the actual rendering looks pixelated/blurry.  The same thing is happening with certain (but not all) textures in the bump map slot.

*EDIT:  I think I may have something to do with the UV maps. When I switched the projection from UV mapping to Planar-Y, the image quality of the texture got better.


Try one thing - if you map the texture to lets say a plastic, simply use box mapping as a mapping type. You will have to manually make the texture fit, but it will get rid of the blur.