what does this environement look like???

Started by andy.engelkemier, July 20, 2011, 11:58:00 AM

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Brian, think you can help me out here man? I'm trying to do an animation that's suppose to match the look of an old image. It was done in an old version of keyshot, before you could preview the environment, and that's all the info I have, just that it is using that environment. Of course, the problem is I can't open that because I don't have keyshot, and we don't have any current versions of keyshot here.

Any way somone could snap a screengrab of what that environment map looks like so I can make something similar?
I would sure appreciate it.


Hi Andy,

I think we can help you with an evaluation copy of KeyShot at your new work.




I don't think I'm quite ready to push any limits around here just yet. They made a decision a while back after a bunch of evaluation to stay with Bunkspeed based on their hardware setups, need to do simple animations (that designers can do), and familiar use based on other software familiarity.
I saw their report. It was well thought out, and they even stated that one wasn't necessarily better than the other.

Honestly I would hope that both softwares continue to be in strong competition in order to drive speed of innovation. I haven't seen anything significant from either in a while.
I'm still not the greatest to test it here because I work mostly in 3dsMax. With iRay built in I can get nearly the same results only quicker because it's easier to move things around quickly (for now). And I can get almost the same results if I know the environment. I just put a sphere around the scene with an HDR applied to it, then create a light with zero value to avoid Max's default light.
The only thing is I don't know how to get rid of the alpha for the background, so I have to render a second pass for the alpha. No big deal though, that only takes a few minutes for a whole animation.

Anyway Henrik, if you want to set me up with a long term trial I'd be in to that. Those 30 day ones aren't usually worth it for me though because it takes a few days to set up, then I only use it for 3 days in there just to try it. Then by the time I have something to actually test, it's expired already. I'd be happy to try out some of the animation tools you might be including, and any network rendering options, but those take a significant amount of time to test and I assume that would be beta stuff.

Just let me know if you're interested.