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Grouping and duplicating gaffes
« on: June 12, 2018, 01:24:18 pm »
It appears that I can't group groups that have locked items in them. I can create a group with one of the objects, then drag everything into that new group (including the groups with locked objects that wouldn't allow a new group to be made) Would be nice to be able to just create an empty group (null object ala C4D :) then drag in what I want, or make it possible to create a group from locked objects.

Similarly would be nice to be able to duplicate groups that contain locked objects. Right now If I have been using the Hide and Lock function, I have to unlock all the objects, duplicate the group, then relock the objects that were previously unlocked.  Bit of a pain when trying to stay organized.


My brain says this is all fairly simple, but I imagine that those that say that earn their effigy a place on the lunchroom dartboard, so yall are magicians. -

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